Most Common Stretch Mark Cream Ingredients

Stretch mark creams, without question, are really popular these days. Although most stretch mark creams can’t really eradicate the stretch marks, most of them can successfully conceal them, as if the marks weren’t there. Hence, if you have stretch marks, don’t have second thoughts about stretch mark creams; they can really do wonders. But, have you wondered why stretch mark creams are effective? What is it about them that make them good at improving/ lightening the appearance of stretch marks?

Stretch Mark Creams Contain Moisturizers

Stretch Mark Creams Contain MoisturizersOne of the things that make stretch mark creams really good at improving the appearance of stretch marks is that they contain moisturizers. So, what if they have moisturizers? Well, moisturizers prevent the skin from drying. In fact, moisturizers serve as the temporary defense of the skin. Most moisturizers have humectants or substances that absorb the moisture from the air. Apart from humectants, many moisturizers also contain emollients that lubricate dry skin. Many moisturizers contain Vitamin E, too. So, what is the relevance of moisturizers to stretch mark creams? Well, in a conducted study, pregnant women who used stretch mark creams with moisturizers develop less stretch mark as compared to those who just used placebo.

Stretch Mark Creams Have Onion Bulb Extract

Another common ingredient found in stretch mark creams that make them effective is onion bulb extract. Just when you thought that onion bulb extract are only useful in making sautéed dishes more savory, well, you had better think again. Onion bulb extract is an active ingredient in many brands of stretch mark creams because it can lighten the color of the mark. When looking for a stretch mark cream, make sure that onion bulb extract is one of the main active ingredients. You will certainly be helped in dealing with the bothersome and embarrassing stretch marks that you have.

Stretch Mark Creams Contain Retinol

Retinol is another active ingredient found in most brands of stretch mark creams. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It is referred to as Retin A by other experts. However you want to call it, it really doesn’t matter. What matters most is that it is good at repairing stretch marks, too, especially stretch marks that are less than 2 months old. What Retinol does is that, when it is applied to the skin, it encourages the production of collagen. When the skin produces more collagen, it becomes more elastic and firmer. This results to the decreased visibility of the stretch marks. Apart from being a common stretch mark cream ingredient, Retinol is also a favorite ingredient of many facial toners that are meant to make the skin look younger and smoother.

Without question, because of the presence of many stretch mark creams in the market these days, it is a lot easier for a consumer to pick a lame product. However, if you scrutinize the bottle of the stretch mark cream that you are considering, you will find out what its active ingredients are. If the brand that you are planning to buy misses any of the ingredients mentioned above, don’t be tempted to go for it.

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