The Truth about Eye Bags and Eye Creams

Perhaps, many people who read this will agree that people these days are becoming more stressed out. And, undeniably, this stress takes a toll on their appearance. How many people are willing spend a fortune on various beauty products such as anti-wrinkle creams just to get rid or, at least, improve the fine lines that run on their face that are brought about by stress? This goes without saying, though, that there are many other things that lead to the wrinkling of the face and other beauty issues.

Nonetheless, if there is one beauty product that is really popular to the many consumers who are stressed out, it can’t be denied that it is the eye cream. Because of stress, one can develop eye bags or under eye dark circles, especially if a person is mentally stressed out that leads to his becoming sleep-deprived. But, do eye creams really work on eradicating eye bags and dark circles that are caused by stress and many other factors?

Culprits for the Development of Eye Bags and Dark Circles

eye bagsThe truth of the matter is that stress is not really the primary cause of the appearance of eye bags and under eyes dark circles, although it can’t be denied that it can cause one to have big eye bags and dark circles because of too much thinking and depriving him of a good night sleep. So, if stress is not the primary culprit for the development of eye bags and dark circles, what is it then? Well, the main reason why a person develops eye bags is aging. You have to understand that the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner as compared to the other parts of the facial skin. As a person ages, the skin around the eyes slowly becomes depleted of collagen.

When the skin doesn’t have enough collagen, wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles develop. If aging is the primary cause of the development of eye bags, why is it then that some people already have noticeable eye bags even if they are only a little over twenty? Well, it can be attributed to the other causes of eye bags such stress, sleeping position, or even genes. Do you know that if it is in your genes to have deep-set eyes, you are likely to have eye bags even if you are still young? So, if you are wondering why you already have noticeable eye bags despite your young age and getting enough sleep every night, blame it on your genes.

Now, should you go for eye creams if you have eye bags that make you look old? Well, it depends on what you expect to happen. If you think that your eye bags will just totally disappear if you use an eye cream, well, think again. Eye creams may improve the appearance of eye bags and dark circles, but they cannot eradicate them, especially those that are caused by aging. Eye creams are not magic creams; they can only do as much. Despite this though, it can’t be denied that improvements are guaranteed.

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