The Truth about Stretch Marks and Stretch Mark Creams

One of the many popular beauty products in the market these days, without question, is the anti-stretch mark cream. After all, stretch mark is a common problem to people who suddenly lost or gained weight, and, most especially, to pregnant women. Despite the popularity of anti-stretch mark creams, though, there are some people who can’t help but be skeptic about their efficacy. Do stretch marks really work? Can they be relied upon?

Cause of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by the tearing of the collagen of the skin. When a person has lost or gained weight suddenly, the amount of glucocorticoids, a hormone, in the body is increased. This results to the tearing of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks. Apparently, stretch marks are caused by hormone.

Can Anti-Stretch Mark Creams Really Eradicate Stretch Marks?

The truth of the matter is that stretch mark creams cannot really eradicate stretch marks. What stretch mark creams do is increase the production of collagen. When the amount of collagen is increased, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic. In effect, the skin looks even, and gives an illusion that the stretch marks have disappeared. However, everything is just optical illusion. The marks are still there, but they are not as visible.

Is Laser Treatment Better than Anti-Stretch Mark Creams?

Laser Treatment for stretch marksHowever, despite the availability of anti-stretch mark creams that are very convenient to use, there are still some people who are not sold to the idea of using them. Instead of using these creams, they opt to have their stretch marks remedied with the costly laser treatments. Are laser treatments better than anti-stretch mark creams because they are pricier? Well, not all. As already mentioned, stretch marks are caused by the hormone glucocorticoids, and the only way to deal with them is to reverse the over-production of these hormones. What laser treatment does is to make the stretch marks less visible, too. So, if what laser treatment does is just the same with what anti-stretch creams do, why do you have to go for the costly laser treatment?

What Anti-Stretch Mark Creams You Should Consider

Without question, stretch mark creams are really popular these days, especially months before the summer. After all, no woman wants to be clad in her bikini while her stretch marks scream. However, the problem is that the market has too many brands of anti-stretch mark creams. This results to the confusion of some consumers. What brand should they go for? Well, two of the most trusted brands of anti-stretch mark creams are TriLastin and Mederma. TriLastin has been proven to be really good at reducing the appearance of the stretch marks. In fact, it is even highly promoted by supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks. Mederma, on the other hand, has onion extract that has long been proven to lighten the color of stretch marks.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, anti-stretch mark creams are the best solution to stretch marks. They may not make them disappear, but they can make you feel that stretch marks are not actually there. That’s the truth about stretch marks and anti-stretch mark creams.

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